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Louis Lopez

Medical / Dental Researcher

Louis has worked with Dr. Avis since his junior year of high school to further involve himself in the field of dentistry. He is dedicated to learning more about airway disorder since first hearing about it and hopes his research can aid in spreading awareness.

Louis is currently an Honors student at the University at Buffalo. He is pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences as part of a combined degree program to obtain a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at University at Buffalo’s School of Dental Medicine.

In addition to his studies, Louis teaches a seminar course which introduces first-year Honors students to the history of the city of Buffalo, and discusses the challenges of Urban Development whilst shedding light on the resources available which serve to aid the underdeveloped and underrepresented communities. Louis also runs an undergraduate physiology lab as a teaching assistant.

Whether it be through his studies or daily life, Louis is always seeking out opportunities to educate his friends and family about the importance of health and wellness.

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Louis Lopez
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