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Executive director who is an airway survivor

We have a unique leader at the helm of the Revolution.

Sydney Avis is not your usual organization leader.  She is a person who could never be the executive director two years before. She didn't have the ability or capacity.  Her airway issues kept her from seeing real success in school or career.

Now, as an airway surivor, she excels in her work as Executive Director.  She is actually more than a survivor. She has become an airway thriver. 

This gives her a unique perspective on the airway disorder crisis.  She knows what it's like to be trapped by an elusive enemy. She also found out how to beat it.  As a winner of that contest she is on a mission to help others battling to breathe - whether they know they are in the fight or not.

The Airway Revolution is fortunate to have an executive who has the expereince, knowledge, and passion to lead the Revolution.

To learn more about Sydney please watch the videos on this website.

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