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Watch this video introduction to get a better understanding of airway disorders and the power of The Airway Revolution.


Change the world one breath at a time.

Create awareness and lead an expansive patient advocacy movement that will revolutionize airway disorder research and dental and medical education so that the millions of people struggling with airway disorders can live better lives.


The Airway Revolution Foundation has partnered with Columbia University to transform dental and medical education to ensure that future dentists and physicians are trained to understand risk factors, diagnose, collaborate, and treat airway disorders.


As part of our mission, a documentary series will create awareness, provide education, and inspire action about the global airway disorder epidemic and its impact on disease and our greatest, modern, chronic health issues.  The documentary will contribute to our grassroots movement to inform congress of this epidemic, and cause a pipeline of research money to be created for universities.


In addition, the partnership will develop a Columbia University Center of Excellence for airway disorder research and collaborative airway diagnosis and treatment.  Finally, an endowment will be established at Columbia Dental Medicine to support airway disorder prevention and treatment for underserved persons.

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