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Award Winning Filmmakers

We are very fortunate to partner with Producers who have won 17 Emmy awards to produce the docuseries Breathless.

Our award winning production team is producing the docuseries, Airway: The Battle to Breathe. The independent producers, Orly and Ed Wiseman of Moving Pictures, have won 17 Emmy Awards and their productions have brought home dozens of Emmys and other honors.

They have distributed their programs on major networks including PBS, CBS, History, Showtime, CNBC, Discovery, TVLand, Nick, WE, and other outlets.  

They are known for bringing sensitivty and meaning to substantive projects of purpose. These include the holocaust documentary, Teenage Witness:  the Jeff Bridges bio, The Dude Abides : the Showtime doc series, What's Going On?; and the long running PBS series, Reading Rainbow.

Olry and Ed have patiently followed Sydney as she has journeyd through the ups and downs of her health issues.  Their cameras recorded every exam, test, and treatment.  They have a distinct before and after picture of Sydney.

Filming other patients and treatments, the production team continues to capture the expansive aspects of airway disorders filming other pateints and treatments.  

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