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David Alfi MD, DDS, FACS

Board Member

Dr. Alfi, a native of Los Angeles, discovered his passion for oral surgery at Columbia University, where he immersed himself in its multifaceted specialties. Following his residency, he joined Houston Methodist and Texas Children’s Hospital, where he honed his skills as a full-scope surgeon and associate professor.

Driven by a commitment to research and innovation, he established his private practice, introducing an airway-centric approach to surgical care. Pioneering the custom jaw surgery protocol, known as the Alfi Method, he emphasizes personalized treatment to optimize outcomes. With a focus on excellence and utilizing cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Alfi ensures comfort and confidence for every patient. 

Grateful for the opportunity to enhance lives through better health, he approaches each case with dedication and empathy.

David Alfi MD, DDS, FACS
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