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Stanley Werb, Esq.

Board member

Stanley Werb completed his undergraduate education at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1972 and joined Rivercrest Realty Investors as a property manager for a Newark, Delaware apartment community in the same year. Following his matriculation at Syracuse University Law School in 1973, and coincident with his studies there, Stanley was responsible for managing several large apartment communities for Rivercrest in the central New York area.

Upon his graduation from law school and his admission into the New York State Bar in 1978, Stanley became the managing partner of Rivercrest Realty Associates, the property management arm of the firm. In this capacity he has been responsible for all facets of the business including asset management, commercial lease negotiations, financial and administrative control systems, insurance analysis, real estate tax litigation, federal income tax planning and debt financing. 

He is currently focusing his attention on the acquisition of new properties.

Stanley Werb, Esq.
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