The Airway Revolution Foundation is a non profit organization that seeks to save millions  of lives by

revolutionizing the current thinking, diagnosis, and treatment of airway related challenges.

Philip Schwalb, JD


Philip Schwalb has 35 years' experience as an entrepreneur and business pioneer, attorney, legal advocate and professor. He has led startups, non-profits, entertainment businesses & complex legal matters. 

He has been COO managing a diverse holding company for the Caroline Kennedy/Edwin Schlossberg family; grown a technology firm from a half dozen to 40 employees before becoming COO of a larger national firm; and been Securities attorney and business advisor to the finance firm which, for 3 years, exclusively provided private funding for MGM Pictures - assisting with award winning films such as Thelma and Louise and Rainman. 

From 2001 to 2008 Schwalb founded, financed & developed the $100 million World Trade Center area rebuilding project he conceived of after 9/11. Blocks from the Statue of Liberty ferry & New York Stock Exchange Schwalb built the nation's first ever Smithsonian-style museum dedicated to sports in society. He secured collaboration from NY City's Mayor & State Governor; leagues including the NBA, NFL, MLB & NHL; 30 U.S. sports hall of fame; & hundreds of Hall of Fame athletes from dozens of sports. 

Schwalb raised over $100 Million through sale of bonds and private equity); oversaw all design and architecture; & managed government & media relations. 
 Today Schwalb, through his non-profit "Bending the Arc" (named for the iconic and optimistic quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)  fights for the legal rights of the vulnerable pursuing political & social justice through writings, media & the law. 

Mr. Schwalb has a B.A. in Economics from Duke University, and attended Emory University Law School on an academic merit scholarship. 
 He has been adjunct professor or lecturer at Columbia University, NYU, UCF & Rollins College, & offered insight in interviews with ABC, NBC & PBS affiliates, as well as FOX, CNN and NPR nationally. 

He has also been featured in publications including the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine & often the New York Times.  

He resides in Orlando, Florida with his two twin children. 

Philip Schwalb, JD

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