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Debbie Hang, BS

Advisory Board Member

Debbie Hang has been part of her husband’s orthodontic practice (William M Hang, DDS, MSD) since its inception. Not a dentist, but known as a “doctor of details”, she has come to know the art and science of orthodontics and practice management. She oversees the practice’s day-to-day operations, is the practice treatment coordinator, and is the executive director of the Hang E.R.R.S.™ Orthodontic Study Club. 

She is also a contributor to the strategy of changing the orthodontic profession from a retraction based, straight teeth-oriented profession to a health-centered, airway aware profession that produces beautiful smiles and balanced faces.  

Work outside the orthodontic office has included chairing the Allocations Committee of the Rutland County (VT) United Way which earned her the organization’s Achievement Award.  She also served as President of the Community Leaders Association at California Lutheran University earning the William E Hamm Outstanding Service Award.  Debbie and her husband Bill Hang were both awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards by the AAPMD (American Association of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry) in 2016 for their work in advancing the awareness of airway issues within the medical/dental communities and with the public.

"The message of how important breathing and sleeping are cannot be overstated. Day after day I listen to people share their long list of symptoms which are directly related to breathing which include everything from pain, to lack of energy, to heart attack and stroke. These people ask why others haven’t put the pieces of the puzzle together! O2 Breathe is one more way to make both professionals and the public aware of the importance of breathing and sleep!"

Debbie Hang, BS

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