The Airway Revolution Foundation is a non profit organization that seeks to save millions  of lives by

revolutionizing the current thinking, diagnosis, and treatment of airway related challenges.


Airway Revolution develops projects that increase awareness and promote airway health. The organization's first project is a feature length documentary called Airway: The Battle to Breathe.

The Movie

Airway follows Sydney Avis, a young woman fighting her personal battle to breathe. Her emotional journey is filled with hope and disappointments as she longs for a definitive solution. The cameras track her progress as she meets doctors and medical professionals.  Check out the movie trailer.

Through Sydney’s journey, the film explores the challenges to proper Airway disorder diagnosis and treatment. The documentary relates the acute and chronic effects of Airway compromise and it inspires us with the stories of lives transformed when these are properly diagnosed and treated.

Each person is unique and may experience very distinct and different Airway challenges. A sleep test is a great tool to discover potential issues but many, like Sydney, do not present significant problems in a sleep test. For these there are other methods to diagnosis the airway.  Even when diagnosed there is no one-for-all solution. CPAP works great for many, others may need an oral device, and some need surgery.  As part of The Airway Revolution mission, the Airway documentary explores signs and symptoms, diagnostic methods, treatment options, and hidden traps along the way.



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