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Produce a documentary series that reaches millions.

The Battle to Breathe is the docuseries that brings the Airway Revolution to the people.  Millions will have the opportunity to discover how the airway impacts their lives and why things must change.

In 2016, before the Airway Revolution Foundation was created, award winning filmmakers from Moving Pictures decided to follow Sydney's journey. They were fascinated by Sydney's health issues and the inability to find an answer that made her feel better.

As they filmed test after test and saw Sydney receive partial diagnoses, they were astounded that today's medicine could not provide an appropriate or complete diagnosis and treatment plan for Sydney.  The producers also discovered many others who were suffering from similar symptoms. They met doctors who told them this was a hidden epidemic affecting millions.  

The filmmakers had an explosive story on their hands,  Although it was anchored by Sydney's journey, the story grew into the mystery of the airway, starring the millions of people who were undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or untreated, and the dentists and physicians who were chasing down answers.

Even more concerning, the producers found that medical professionals were not on the same page. Clinicians were dealing with a flood of patients that presented upper airway disorders and needed help immediately. But frontline providers faced resistance from their peers since no university or institute had modernized the research or studies made decades ago. The objectors said there wasn’t enough current research to back up diagnosis and treatment. It was a tug of war with patients in the middle.

Throughout the controversy, the producers continued to focus on Sydney’s journey. It represented the thread of the Airway story. Since she took almost every test, had multiple diagnoses, and tried many treatments she walked in the shoes of many others who were looking for an answer.

The docuseries became the cornerstone of the Revolution.  It comes with the potential to make millions aware of the problem and potential solutions. Some believe that Sydney’s highly invasive and difficult procedure could have been avoided with early intervention. Like so many others Sydney’s journey could have been very different with the right information in the hands of capable professionals.

The Battle to Breathe has a built-in and eager audience.  You or someone you love has an airway disorder. You might be surprised how closely this affects your life.

This documentary is not about someone else. It’s about you and your family.

When completed in 2024 the film series will be distributed worldwide. 

Produce a documentary series that reaches millions.


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