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Partner with Columbia University to create a Center for Airway Disorders.

Columbia University is partnering with the Airway Revolution to change the education and research of upper airway disorders.

A major concern of healthcare professionals is that upper airway disorders have not been studied or explored thoroughly in dental and medical universities and colleges.  Students need better understanding and training to grasp and diagnose airway issues  quickly and correctly.

Most  airway centric dentists and doctors state that they never learned about diganosing and treating airway disorders in medical/dental school.  They had to receive training and mentoring after they went into practice.

This prompted one leading professional to state that there will never be a revolution or fundamental change until a major university commits to making the airway a priority.

Columbia University has made that commitment.  They are partnering with Airway Revolution to bring a change in education and research over the next decade.

Columbia University Is transforming the dental and medical curriculum to ensure that future dentists and physicians are trained to understand risk factors, diagnose, collaborate, and treat airway disorders.

The partnership will develop a Columbia University Center of Excellence for airway disorder research and collaborative airway diagnosis and treatment.

Our efforts with Columbia University will inspire other dental and medical universities to change dental and medical pedagogy to include airway disorders and to develop additional centers of excellence for airway research and collaborative airway diagnosis and treatment.

In the future, dentists and physicians will be well-trained in airway disorder prevention, recognition, diagnosis, collaboration, and management.

University engagement will ensure that today’s dental and medical pioneers in the Airway discipline will no longer be regarded as outliers but as leaders and innovators. The Airway Revolution Foundation will inspire and influence funding for airway disorder research.

Partner with Columbia University to create a Center for Airway Disorders.


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